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Neyers Wine Club

We would be honored if you joined one of our Wine Clubs.  You, or someone you love, could enjoy a range of benefits and have access to limited production wines. (Hint: Wine Clubs make perfect gifts.) 

Benefits of Membership

Club Options

There are three different Wine Clubs (the Selection Club, Red Wines Club, and Chardonnay Club) with three different quantity choices for each.  As an example, if you were interested in both white and red wines and joined the "6 Bottle Selection Club," you would receive six bottles of wine each October, December, February, and April.  Each shipment would contain two bottles of the featured Chardonnay and two bottles of each featured red wine, for a total of six bottles.

Neyers Selection 

Receive the featured Chardonnay and two types of red wines in each shipment. 

Select the quantity you would like in each WC order:

3 Bottle Selection

6 Bottle Selection

12 Bottle Selection


Neyers Red Wines

Receive two types of our red wines in each shipment.

Select the quantity you would like in each WC order:

2 Bottle Red Wines

4 Bottle Red Wines

6 Bottle Red Wines


Please note:  Members in the Red Wines Club will automatically receive a 1.5 L of Cabernet Sauvignon 'Neyers Ranch' along with the regularly showcased wines in December's allocation.  Please notify us in advance if you do not want the 1.5 L included.    

Neyers Chardonnay

Receive the featured Chardonnay in each shipment.  

Select the quantity you would like in each order:

2 Bottle Chardonnay

 4 Bottle Chardonnay

6 Bottle Chardonnay